‘Well, Yes’: Steve Forbes Begrudgingly Tells Fox Host the U.S. Really Did Have the World’s Best Economic Recovery Post-Pandemic


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Fox Business Network’s Stuart Varney asked his panel Monday to weigh in on a recent headline from the Washington Post declaring the U.S. had the best economic recovery from the global pandemic.

Varney read from the article, saying, “‘Falling inflation and rising growth gives the U.S. the world’s best recovery.’ Steve Forbes with me this morning. I think the Democrats are going to run with that headline. I mean, they just got plaster this all over the place, but are they right? Is America, does America now have the best recovery?”

“Well, yes it does,” replied Forbes begrudgingly, adding:

The rest of the world is doing so poorly. Germany is now the weakest developed country in the world. Phenomenal. And one big reason, because of their green policies, which it crippled the price of electricity. Britain, the same thing. Barely registering any growth. Japan, dead in the water. China, we know the problems there. The key thing is the reason the economy’s doing so well is government spending. How long can you keep that up? Ask Argentina where eventually that leads you.
“But if we, we will keep it up. I mean, the future projections of government spending are right there. So the economy is still going to get some more help from government spending here,” Varney followed up.

“Well, the thing about growth, the crazy way they do GDP is they count government spending as a plus. So that’s why the Soviet Union looks so good for so long. An East Germany looks so good for so long. Is government spending counts as a positive thing like private investment. We know that’s nonsense,” Forbes replied as he continued to rail against out of control spending.

“I’ll bet that the next time KJP or the president takes any kind of questions of any kind on the economy, that Washington Post article is going to write that front and center. We’ve got the best recovery, and that’s a pretty good political slogan in an election year,” Varney followed up.

Notably, in recent weeks the U.S. has set new records for both domestic energy production and stock market highs.