Forget self-driving cars, the robot can get in and drive for you – if it can overcome some major limitations


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The jury's split on self-driving cars; some can't wait for the autonomy and others fear that these cars will never be as good as human drivers. There's a different camp, though, favoring robots that can get in any car and drive for you.

A new research paper, Toward Autonomous Driving by Musculoskeletal Humanoids: A Study of Developed Hardware and Learning-Based Software details work by the University of Tokyo, Japan Assistant Professor Kento Kawaharazuka and a team of researchers on a flexible, humanoid robot that can climb into any car and use the steering wheel, gas, and brake pedals much as a person would.

The robot, called Musashi, has a face, sensors to see the road, and, more importantly, 74 muscles and 39 joints. That doesn't even include its articulated hands.

Self-driving cars aren’t coming anytime soon (for the masses).

They are going to take the liability of a crash from the operator, to the vehicle.

That is going to be important, because it’ll bankrupt a car company if they are sued for accidents caused by vehicle failure.

Elon Musk is a vaporware salesman, most of his pronouncements are snake oil peddling..