Haley is winning over some Democrats. Enough ‘to make a difference? Probably not.’


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MYRTLE BEACH, South Carolina — Nikki Haley and her allies are leaning on Democrats to lessen what’s poised to be a lopsided defeat in her home state’s primary.
But even among the smattering of Democrats who turned out to her rallies here this week, there was heavy skepticism the effort would amount to much.
“To make a difference? Probably not,” Joel Gibson, a Horry County Democrat, said at a Haley campaign event in Myrtle Beach. “But there’s no chance if we don’t come out. And it doesn’t cost me anything but my time.”

Leery of alienating Republicans, Haley’s campaign insists she’s not courting Democrats. Her campaign manager, Betsy Ankney, told reporters Haley is working to expand the Republican electorate and to engage independents.