Is Melania's Motherland of Slovenia a Problem to Trump When It Recognizes Palestine?


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Trump has been 100% supportive of Zionist Bibi.

Plus Trump has said in the past that they make good accountants.

He was not so generous in his comments about Blacks.

Nonetheless, Trump's Gold Digger Wife Melania immigrated with her parents from Slovenia with Trump's assistance.

Now that country is about to join Norway, Ireland and Spain in formally recognizing the State of Palestine.

Problem for Trump?

NOT that Melania would be caught dead out in public with her Sugar Daddy anymore and last month it was revealed they have not slept in the same bed for over a decade.

If Melania does campaign with Trump this year merely to ensure Spectrum Barron is properly taken care of by Trump, will her background be a problem to Trump's Zionist friends?