Marital Issues Hits The Donald

Wait, he actually tested positive for syphilis? Can you verify this? I am not saying nuh uh, I have long suspected this. Can you independently verify this. I believe he would be fighting with Melania and I would also believe it wouldn't make one damn bit of difference to his base. Anyways, can you post a link to verify he has syphilis?
It's just a rumor
It's just a rumor
Yeah, but those spots on his hands though. Frankly, even though it won't make a damn bit of difference to his base, he needs to come clean about that. Its only fair considering he will use his concern trolling about Biden like he did against Hillary. He needs to know that two can play that game. Do I support Biden? Nope. However, that most certainly does not mean I want Trump. My wet dream is that the Bills win today and in the primaries we get young candidates from both parties who have new ideas