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Conor McGregorwon $1.625 million after placing a $500,000 bet on Nate Diaz to beat Jorge Masvidal.

Diaz beat Masvidal by a a majority decision to take home the big money. It was the perfect response to McGregor’s recent setback. The Irishman is currently recovering from a broken toe which prevented him from fighting Michael Chandler at UFC 303. While he hopes to return by September, Dana Whiteremains doubtful that McGregor will fight this year.

The Notorious is well aware of Diaz having had two fights with him. He lost the first UFC fight at UFC 196 in 2016 as Diaz submitted him in the second round. McGregor won the rematch at UFC 202, beating Diaz via a majority decision. While there has been talk of a trilogy, it has not happened. Diaz had one boxing fight before this bout, losing to Jake Paul last year. Despite losing, he got off the canvas to show a lot of heart to take it to the distance.

Masvidal had also had one boxing bout before this fight. He defeated Joseph Benjamin via a majority decision in 2005. Masvidal has been linked with a fight against McGregor. However, Gamebread has accused the Irishman of ducking him.

“He’s never mentioned my name. He’s never addressed me, only to say like stupid things or something, but he’s never addressed a fight with me or something because he is scared. If we can’t get him to get into the cage with a guy he’s convinced he can beat, what the [hell] will make him get in the cage with me?” He knows that I’m not going to take him down. I’m not going to smother him or look for a submission,” Masvidal said. “I’m going to beat the [hell] out of him,” Masvidal said

McGregor’s Bet​

However, based on what he had seen, McGregor picked Diaz to win. The following post shows McGregor putting on a $500,000 bet. If McGregor won, he would walk away with over a million dollars. It was a success as McGregor won a huge sum.

McGregor’s recent betting record showed he did not have the best picks. He picked Cristiano Ronaldo to win the Golden Boot at the Euro 2024 soccer championships. The current top scorer is Coady Gapko, who scored three goals. Portugal are also out of the tournament after losing to France during a penalty shoot out, meaning McGregor will not pick up his wins. He had bet $60,000 on CR7. Despite this being the case, McGregor is financially well off. He has several ventures outside of his UFC career, making him financially well-off for the rest of his career. The main focus will not be on getting back to the Octagon.

“August, September, I’d love [that]. I’m in recovery mode. It’s three weeks to the day, it happened three weeks ago today. I’m still here rocking around in the slippers. They’re not bad slippers, thankfully and they’re cozy enough but I can’t get into a shoe yet,” McGregor stated