Question for those who believe the DOJ has been weaponized


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Is the prosecution of Bob Menendez part of that? From what I understand, the guy is a scumbag and probably should have been charged sooner. But at least he has been charged. Now he will get his day in court, as he should. But at least there is an attempt to hold him accountable for crimes he may have committed.

What's wrong with that? Nothing, right? He's a democrat so it's ok if the DOJ goes after him. Democrats aren't above the law. Things change when that same standard applies to Trump. And let's face it, you guys want Trump to be immune from the law. His lawyers have argued that in court and not one thread from a Trump supporter has been created discussing why that is a terrible idea.

I don't want Trump immune from the law. Or Biden or Menendez or anyone else. I want a country where we all equal under the law. It's what separates us from monarchies and other shitholes none of us ever want to live in.

So where is the weaponization? They're prosecuting powerful democratic politicians and even the president's son. Why continue to claim that the DOJ has been weaponized?