State of the Buffalo Bills’ roster: Defensive ends


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The Buffalo Bills received steady contributions from most of their defensive end group during the 2023 season. Of the team’s 54 sacks in the regular season, 23 of them came from players who line up at defensive end. Of the team’s 117 quarterback hits, 59 came from edge players. For the first time in recent memory, it seemed that the investment in the position from the front office consistently showed up on the field.

That’s not to say that the group was without flaws, however. Much of the above-mentioned production came from three players, and nearly all of it came without the assistance of the biggest name — and biggest contract — in the positional group. Looking ahead to the 2024 season, two of the Bills’ top three defensive ends in terms of snaps and production are free agents, and given the team’s tight budget, they aren’t a lock to re-sign with the club.