The Athletic: FBI releases 475-page document on O.J. Simpson


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The FBI released a 475-page document relating to O.J. Simpson on Friday. The pages largely focus on the murder investigation of Simpson’s ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman. After a sensational criminal trial that mesmerized America for eight months, Simpson was acquitted of all charges.

Much of the 475 pages is dedicated to the FBI’s investigation into the Bruno Magli shoes that were determined to have been worn by the killer. The FBI traveled to Italy to investigate the shoes and found that only 296 pairs of size 12 shoes that matched the impressions found at the crime scene were distributed. Investigators were instructed to contact all 40 U.S. retailers of the shoes, first to seek any general information regarding their tracking of sales and later to specifically inquire about any recollections of O.J. Simpson as a customer or having sold shoes to a celebrity or a family member.

The remaining pages largely consist of memos and reports detailing evidence, including hair, blood and clothing samples, and references to photographs (the photos are not included in the documents).

Simpson was known early in his career for his prowess on the football field with the USC Trojans and Buffalo Bills, and later for the criminal and civil trials in the 1994 deaths of Brown Simpson and Goldman.

Simpson was arrested in relation to Brown Simpson and Goldman’s case live on TV after a lengthy police car chase, and he was eventually charged and brought to trial in 1995.

Two years later at a 1997 civil trial, Simpson was found liable for the deaths and a judge ordered him to pay $33.5 million in damages to the two families.

It is standard FBI practice to release documents on individuals after they have died. While this release was labeled “Part 01,” it is not clear if the bureau has more documents to release.

Simpson died of cancer at age 76 in April.