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The Cass Report Is Out—An Early Analysis of Findings and Recommendations

Final Report

Thanks to Cass, evidence not ideology will be used to guide children seeking gender advice

JK Rowling and the Cass report reckoning

Not exactly surprised that none of the true cultists here have made a peep about the release of Hilary Cass's final report on GAC for kids in the UK. Facts and evidence are just so inconvenient sometimes, I guess.

Similar systematic review of the evidence coming soon to an AAP near YOU!

And before any Trans-kid lovers come back out of the woodwork and accuse me of wanting trans people to die and trans kids to kill themselves, I want to just put a nail in this right now.

Every time one of these morons says this nonsense, it's obvious that they have nothing constructive to add. It's their white flag (Seems to be my new retort top ignorance). And it makes them fucking immature little pricks for even suggesting it.

It's ironic how they'll note problems with the Cass report but ignore problems allowing children to transition at all.
It shows how narrow-minded and jaded they are.

Not one of us has said there should be zero cases of children transitioning. We said that it's become a meat market of Child-Trans advocates who are ignoring outlying issues like Autism, abuse, depression, etc. which could be misdiagnosed as Gender confusion.

They ignore common sense concerns like the huge number of children claiming to be trans and how that number has increased exponentially with the increase of children who are subjected to the influences of social media and ignoring the FACTS that children who use social media are MUCH more inclined to be influenced and manipulated by it and are far more likely to develop social development and mental health issues.

That is NOT even debatable nor would it be by people like these advocates - until someone questions the effects of that data potentially influencing the growing number of children who claim to be Trans.

They ignore cases of plastic surgery on children.

They ignore the FACT that Puberty Blockers, if a child pulls out of the process leaves them physically under-developed.

They ignore the growing number of detransitioners.

They ignore the FACT that most who transition lose psychiatric care after they transition and that many don't get proper psychiatric care before they begin to transition.

They ignore the testimonies of young people who later in life felt they were rushed into the process almost immediately after first suggesting they felt they could be Trans.

They ignore the ongoing mental health issues of young people post-transitioning, leading to the higher-than-normal rates of depression and self-harm that they used as an excuse to allow them to transition in the first place. Meaning that transitioning was NOT the solution to those issues.

They people ignore every single thing that contradicts their point of view and it's not only disingenuous, but also dangerous to the children who narrow-minded, agenda-driven advocates like child-trans advocates victimize.