Thread: Rather Than Waste Time Have a 100 Metre Race Between Biden & Trump for the Presidency


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Donald Trump claims to be a well conditioned 220 lbs and he claims he just "aced" yet another cognitive test given to him by his doctor. Trump is the "perfect" specimen of a man. Just ask his son Barron.

If we are to believe Trump's followers, Joe Biden is now a brain dead basement dweller whereas Trump knows the difference between Nancy Pelosi and Nikki Haley yet he has no idea despite photos of who Jeffrey Epstein and E. Jean Carroll are.

Crap -- Biden is likely to run in the wrong direction when the starter pistol goes off.

Trump will probably run a sub-9 second 100 metre World Record.

I appreciate this idea would take the vote out of the hands of American voters and Republicans hate that so perhaps rather than vote, people can bet on who they believe will be the winner of this race.

In that way, voters can put their money where their mouths are. Sure you can bet with food stamps, hub caps and crushed beer cans.

Voters would need to identify themselves as the bettor -- NO Dark Money -- and corporations can NOT bet so the betting more closely resembles the current voting process where only real actual people can vote so that sensitive vote loving Republicans are NOT offended.

What do you think?

Am I onto something here?