Will Bass perform kickoffs?


Bills have been signing linebacker like players recently in what might be a philosophical change on special teams.

The new KO rules will require an extra emphasis on tackling. Tyler Bass is NOT a tackler.

Since the ball needs to land between the goal line and 20, forcing a return a deep kickoff is not desired.

Teams line up as shown with the kicker on own 35… that player should be able to tackle.

Recently it was mentioned that Knox was tooling around with kicking field goals

Could be interesting.
I appreciate the charts. I really struggled understand these new kickoff rules. Maybe I’m just old-fashioned and I’m used to blasted as far as you can and hope for a touchback.
“The NFL’s new kickoff rule essentially positions the kicker as the last line of defense on returns if the returner gets past the initial wall. Not wanting your kicker in that situation, especially when you need him for field goals, adds another fascinating dynamic.”

The Kansas City Chiefs are seriously contemplating using safety Justin Reid or running back Louis Rees-Zammit for kickoffs. Bills special teams coordinator Matthew Smiley may start experimenting